Win With Integrity – Ken Griffin’s sheer hypocrisy knows no bounds

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Trey released this video called Win With Integrity and it’s a great dig at Ken Griffin, everyone’s favourite lying financial crime boss. In it, Trey asks a bunch of interesting questions, including, why was it that Citadel went VERY quite on Social Media after the initial mini squeeze on January 28th.

Here’s the video, which you can watch directly on YouTube here.

Win With Integrity – What a piss-take

Here’s how it goes…. Citadel, like most companies, were posting to Twitter every couple of days until right up until January 26th 2021. Two days later, the buy button for retail investors was turned off.

Then, no more tweets for a full 8 months later. This looks like they tried to go quiet and hope that everyone forgets about them and stops saying hurty things about Kenny and his Mafioso corporation.

Then, on September 28th, they start tweeting again. Right in the middle of the court case where evidence was introduced into court that exposed them, and Kenny for his barefaced lying to the US House Financial committee (allegedly).

Win with integrity says Ken Griffin. What a Joke.
Citadel’s official Twitter – check the dates of the posts… an 8 month gap where they go very quiet.

Suddenly, a flurry of tweets, attempting to tell the world that these were all Conspiracy Theories, with no semblance of truth to them whatsoever, and directly referencing things that were relevant in the court case.

Well, they would say that wouldn’t they?

Win with Integrity is something Ken said in a speech in August 2016. Yes, that’s right. We think Citadel is all about making sure they Win with integrity. Let’s not forget that Citadel have always acted totally in accordance with the regulations, and definitely haven’t been fined over 60 times for breaking the law have they? Oh, actually they have.

Perhaps it would be better called Steal with integrity?

In his video, Trey is pointing out something that should be blatantly obvious to anyone who has been paying attention… That this really doesn’t look like the behaviour of someone who has acted with integrity and has nothing to hide whatsoever. The timing just makes you kind of scratch your chin and go “Hm, yeah, this looks a bit suspicious doesn’t it”.

We are not here to tell you what to think, and it’s worth pointing out that at the time of writing, this court case is still ongoing, but doesn’t it seem interesting to you that they felt the need to come out with denial after denial, after months of radio silence, about the very things that appeared in a court case that was happening right at that time, and if proven, open up the possibility that Ken could end up doing some serious time for perjury if it’s proved that he did indeed lie to Congress?

Win with integrity? Shove it up your mayo-infused arse Kenny, nobody believes a word of it.

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