You are currently viewing Who is Ken Griffin? An introduction to one of the world’s most notorious financial criminals

Who is Ken Griffin? An introduction to one of the world’s most notorious financial criminals

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Kenneth C. Griffin is very rich, very influential and he is ruining people’s lives. Let us break it down for you as simply as possible.

Imagine if you, as an ordinary person robbed a bank. You would probably expect to do many years of hard time in prison when you got caught (as you likely would).

But when a financial institution robs you, they tend to be able to get away with it, and sometimes they even get rewarded for doing so.

But unless you have lived under a rock for many years, you probably already knew this. Many of you will remember 2008, and what happened there, and the effects across the world of the crash that robbed individuals of their life savings, closed the doors of major banks, and led to countries going bankrupt. During this time, Ken Griffin exacerbated the problem for his investors by preventing them from withdraw their money for around 10 months.

So, who is Ken Griffin exactly?

Ken Griffin is the CEO of Citadel, a group of companies which are major players in the finance markets, and their power and importance, especially in the US market, cannot be understated. Ken Griffin owns 85% of Citadel LLC, which is a multinational hedge fund, and the world’s biggest market maker.

He and his Companies have so far been fined by regulators including FINRA and the SEC over 60 times for numerous securities trading violations, with more allegations pending investigation.

Let’s just put that in perspective. In the almost 20 years that Ken Griffin and Citadel has been running, it tends to get fined roughly once every three months or so for doing something illegal, but generally is allowed to settle these cases without accepting or denying the allegations, effectively allowing them to pay their way out of further investigations.

Imagine a private citizen robbing a bank every three months, and getting away with it every time by simply paying a small fine. This wouldn’t be what most of us would call “justice”.

Effectively, these settlements tend to end up looking very much like the government getting a cut of the proceeds of illegal financial practices. When the fine for doing something illegal is a tiny fraction of what you make for actually doing it, then it is not a punishment for wrongdoing, it is simply the cost of doing business!

How can he get away with this? Because the media has been compromised and the Regulators (SEC, Finra, DTCC, et al.) are either powerless to properly hold Ken Griffin and Citadel Securities accountable, or they are potentially directly acting in concert with them.

Furthermore, Citadel ensures it creates a veil of secrecy around its operations and strategies, preventing employees and even investors from being able to reveal information about the company and what it’s up to.

How Ken Griffin uses the Media to cover his tracks

Lately, we have seen a large negative portrayal of retail investors by the media. In the past the Hedge Funds, and other investment firms, have often used the media to manipulate the market and its participants, including (especially) retail investors.

Citadel and Ken Griffin have stakes in media companies and very close relationships with them. They are also very savvy in using the media. For example, it is alleged that Ken Griffin lied during a hearing held by the US House Financial Committee in February 2021 after official transcripts of internal communications were submitted into a subsequent court case that directly contradicted his testimony under oath. This is perjury at the highest level, and he was called out by literally hundreds of thousands of people on social media, who got the hashtag #KenGriffinLied trending on Twitter.

Ken Griffin then went on damage control, using a very clever trick with the help of his friends in the media. In an interview that was widely reported by just about every mainstream press outlet, he spoke about crime in the city of Chicago – normally this would be unlikely to be reported, but it was widely cited by the online press, and this meant that search engine algorithms altered, meaning that a search for terms like “Ken Griffin Crime” replaced sites like this one which is trying to expose his crimes and instead returned hundreds of links to his talk on Chicago.

When politicians are corrupt, we can vote them out. But Kenneth Griffin seem to be immune to being brought to justice.

Unfortunately, because he’s so rich, influential and well connected, it tends to be that news channels give no coverage to the crimes he and his company have committed. Regulators don’t seem to be doing much about it, and politicians on the whole seem to be in his pocket.

Ken has donated millions of dollars to politicians and parties on both sides of the political divide, which makes you wonder, is he simply buying influence and making sure he has powerful and well connected friends in high places? And is this the reason he always seems to get away with it practically scot-free whenever he or his companies actually do get caught doing something wrong?

But why would he do this? Why would he bankrupt companies, run families out of their homes and destroy livelihoods? The answer is of course, money, which he can never get enough of. In fact, Ken Griffin’s net worth is either $16 billion or $21 billion, depending on who you ask (where does the $5 billion discrepancy come from we hear you ask!).

Why should this matter to you?

One of the major allegations is that Ken and his like are able to shut down ordinary people from accessing the markets to freely trade when it would really hurt them. In doing this, they are not only breaking laws, but seriously manipulating the financial markets in the worlds biggest economy, the USA. This has a massive knock on effect, not only affecting the investors who wanted to buy the stock, but essentially it’s about the health of the stock market, and this is really important.

You see, having a stock market which is manipulated affects you and your family because it impacts on jobs, salaries, competition and so on. Ultimately, when a small group of the super wealthy are allowed to break the rules that govern financial markets without being held to account, this tends to negatively affect millions of ordinary people who work hard and obey the law. Again, remember the crash of 2007/08 which wasn’t a random event, but was triggered by huge frauds such as the Enron and Bernie Madoff scandals.

Look at 2008, when the market crashed because of financial corruption. It wasn’t the wealthy who lost out, it was the ordinary guy in the street, who lost their pensions and savings and all because of a bunch of greedy bankers who just didn’t know when to stop. Unfortunately, since this time, the level of financial manipulation hasn’t got better, it’s actually got worse. A lot worse. And Ken Griffin is right in the middle of it all.

As world economies teeter on the brink of collapse, Ken and his billionaire friends haven’t stopped engaging in illegal practices and shady shenanigans, and if (when) a market crash happens, it will make 2008 look like a picnic due to the sheer level of inflation which has spiralled out of control since then.

What our site, Ken Griffin Lies is about

This site is dedicated to tell the truth about Ken Griffin and his companies, and to make sure the world knows of his true colors, and how it affects YOUR life without you even knowing about it.

The thing is, the one thing they are really frightened of is YOU, the ordinary citizen, knowing what they have done, and what they continue to do. Only you can make a difference!

So, whether you want the big picture overview, or you want to actually get into the seedy details, there is something for everyone on this site.

Until enough people are calling him out, he, and others like him, will continue to do what they’ve always done, which is break the law and get away with it, making huge amounts of money while doing so.

Find out about him and add your voice to those who want Kenneth Griffin to be held accountable for his actions. For your sake, your children’s sake, and the sake of the world.

NB: We should add that we believe in Jurisprudence and the rule of law. We want only the law to be applied fairly and equally, as it should be, regardless of how rich and powerful a person is. This is the bedrock of a true democracy. We do not advocate any form of illegal activity or violence towards Ken Griffin or any other person, and we only wish for those who have repeatedly got away with breaking the law to be held accountable through the legal process.

Please read our legal disclaimer.

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