The latest news and updates from exposing the financial malpractice, manipulation and general skulduggery being committed by our favourite financial fraudster Ken Griffin, his company’s and his mates in the elite echelons of society. 

Ken Griffin Lies is all about exposing, laughing at and generally causing a bit of a headache for the financial traitors who manipulate the markets for their own personal gain. Whilst Kenny is naturally a target for our ire, it’s fair to say that he’s not the only individual we are exposing. All over the world, the people and companies that control finance are colluding with politicians, regulators, the media, big tech and people in positions of authority in order to make sure they rake in all the cash, at the expense of you, your family, the wider community and pretty much everyone else that they couldn’t give a shit about. We think it’s only fair that we make sure when they do dodgy things that someone calls them out on it.