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The purpose of Ken Griffin Lied Website

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Greetings Apes.

This site, the Ken Griffin Lied website has been developed as a place where we could share and find information about the many crimes of Ken Griffin and his awful company. But it’s not just going to be about Kenny boy, much as there is probably a lifetimes worth of shit he’s knee deep in. On the contrary, it will be used as a repository for some of the very best DD and news about the whole gamut of financial criminals.

About the Ken Griffin Lied Website

This site went into production on the 8th October 2021, and the plan is within the next couple of weeks to launch it on the blockchain, ensuring that the DD and information can never be censored or removed because Ken and his mates don’t like it. But in it’s infancy, it’s just a standard WordPress site, whilst I build out all the pages and get some of the posts on. Once I’ve done that, it will all be pushed to the blockchain. Then it will need to be tested to make sure people can still interact with it properly.

For now, please bear with me. I am but one smooth brained ape, but I am getting a lot of interest and DM’s from people who have offered their help.

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