HIVE - How we use the blockchain to secure this content

Because of the concern about this content being attacked, we have decided to share ALL our content onto the HIVE blockchain, where it will remain forever, impossible to censor and accessible to everyone (even if you don’t know the first thing about blockchains). That should piss Ken Griffin off, right and proper, because he’d just love to be able to shut us up…

You can see all our articles on hive simply by going to

How to get involved and support us on HIVE

HIVE works a little bit like Reddit, only instead of Karma, you earn actual crypto, which is very cool. 

HIVE is a public blockchain which uses the native HIVE token to allow people to submit content to be written into the blockchain, ensuring it is securely stored for all time.

If you are a HIVE user, or you have HIVE tokens in your wallet, you can support us by holding the token and upvoting our posts, which allows us (and you, yes, just for upvoting) to earn new cryptocurrency. In turn, this helps support this site and the work we are trying to do to bring Ken Griffin to account. 

When you upvote, you are not directly donating to us, but we are earning a share of the new crypto which is generated by the network every day, and is shared amongst those who post, comment on, and upvote it. That means you also get rewarded for reading, upvoting and commenting on content too.The amount your upvote is worth is determined by how much HIVE you hold. The more you hold, the more new crypto you can distribute (and potentially earn) every day. 

It’s actually a very clever ecosystem, that’s been running for years, and has loads of interesting things you can do. But more about that later…

So, If you have never used HIVE and would like to get started and check it out, we recommend having a look at this video below, and then going to get an account (either free with verification, or very low cost for a completely anonymous account)

This page will be updated with a number of tools for HIVE users shortly, including blockchain RSS feeds, auto-voters and community features.

When we get more time, we will be providing more info on why putting this content on the blockchain was a good idea, along with more info about how you can interact with it and do loads of awesome things, even if you are not particularly wrinkle-brained. It is our intention, if the community decides to go down this route, to invest in developing some very cool tools which utilize the blockchain and which can be used for really annoying and upsetting Ken and indeed all those who are committing Financial Treason. 

Ultimately, it will be for you guys to decide how far we go next. If you like what we are doing, and think we are going in the right direction, the best thing you can do is to smash the shit out of the share buttons on the content, and do your part to ensuring everyone knows who Ken Griffin is and what sort of shady crap he’s been up to. 

Do you dream of being part of a movement of utter crayon eaters who brought the big financial firms who are DESTROYING the markets for their own personal gain, essentially sucking the literal lifeblood of freedom and liberty from the world, and making ordinary people poorer (and not just traders, but those people who lost their jobs because they destroyed a company)? 

Or do you want to go back to just watching Pornhub and chewing bananas dipped in melted Hershey’s? Well, obviously you do, and that’s cool, but before you go, please consider how good it would feel to also know you helped to make Ken Griffin, who absolutely nobody thinks is a lying cheating scumbag who should be wearing orange (honest…nobody would EVER think that) shit his pants and cry like a little baby? 

Apes Together Strong.