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Billionaire boys club part 4

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This post entitled ‘billionaire boys club part 4’ is an unedited reproduction of some DD posted by u/BadassTrader on Reddit. does not endorse nor guarantee the accuracy of the information presented within. This article is for entertainment purposes only, and is being backed up to the HIVE blockchain to preserve it to ensure it cannot be censored.

Billionaire boys club part 4: Recess is over – You didn’t think Bill Gates was involved did you?

DISCLAIMER: I had to dig deep on this one Apes. Some of the information in this Volume of BBC comes through unverified sources. I have used source links where possible, but the sources referenced may have their own Agenda in what they are saying that I can’t account for. In saying that… They are mainly referenced to detail my journey, which leads to verified credible sources.

ALSO… I am not actually going to claim that anyone did anything, merely just connect some dots and let you form your own opinion.

ALSO… This is not financial advice, I am not financially qualified, and full disclosure I am a $GME shareholder.

ALSO… this post is an introductory post to BBC part 5. I’m working on more connections to $GME, and this is part of that.

Now that that’s out of the way…

Let’s dive in. Shits getting Dark Apes. (But no surprises there)

So we all know that Billionaires love to count themselves as Philatropists right?

This is the ONE thing, nearly all of them have in common.

So since I was looking for connections between all these guys for the BBC, I decided to look at what they all had in common.


I’m not American, so I am not up to date on the School System, but as I’m sure many of you are, I’m guessing you know a little about Charter Schools?

But again… I’ll try to stay out of Pol itics, though a lot of this will hover around the subject.

So on looking into these Billionaires and their Philanthropy… I discovered that ALOT of them were keenly interested in Charter Schools.

(Don’t worry, I will look at the other stuff, but up first is Education)


I started down my path for curiosity to see if I could uncover why the Super Rich are so interested in these schools and “Reforming” education.

I’m sure many of you see this as a worthy endeavor. The school system needs reform as it’s severely underfunded right?Let’s start with WHY

My first stop into this DARK CAVE was a little Infographic I found on Facebook… Claiming that the High Cost of Oaklands Charter Schools were financially impacting the Public School sector by $57 million net loss…

infographic claiming that the High Cost of Oaklands Charter Schools were financially impacting the Public School sector by $57 million net loss


Bu this could be explained away and my source can not be verified. So I carried on searching.


I come across an article discussing Why Billionaires Love Charter Schools

This article goes into detail about the 2 main reasons Billionaires love charters…


Investing in these schools allows them to 1. Avoid Taxes and 2. Disrupt Unions.

Yup… Anti-Union Conspiracy theory. Maybe it makes sense? I don’t know to be honest. (I’ll let you make up your own mind)

But Avoiding Taxes…

Now that’s a language I can see the Hedgies speaking.



So I continue down further into the Cave…

It’s getting Dark now, and my light is Dim.

I find more and more of these types of articles, hypothesizing different reasons behind the love for Charter Schools…

Some of it may have merit… Some of it may be fluff… I’m not expert.

But I continue to follow the MONEY breadcrumbs.

Before I go there though…

I just wanted to reintroduce our Friend “Milky” Milken

"Milky" Milken

And another SUPERSTONK favorite…

Bill Gates

Yep… Mr Bill gates… NOW… DISCLAIMER… I’m a nerd and love computers and have looked up to old Billy since I was a kid. I honestly respect him until proven otherwise.

But he does come into play here.

I was looking into WHO actually invests in these Charter Schools and I came across this article…


Now this article is in a pretty reputable Magazine, with high domain authority, readership and traffic.

(BUT AGAIN… I have not verified this magazines Agenda)

The article details the ongoing campaigns of Billionaires to pump 100s of millions into these schools.

The 3 BIGGEST of these are:

  • The Bill and Linda Gates Foundation
  • The Broad Foundation
  • The Walton Family Foundation

We will get into this in more detail shortly… BUT… BOMB DROP TIME…

(A bigger bomb is coming)

Give a guess who else was listed in this article?

FUCKING MILKEN… They didn’t even call him by his full name and listed him in a bunch of other names… so much so that if you were skimming the article and not paying attention… you would have missed it.

“And they fund the same vehicles to achieve their goals: charter schools, high-stakes standardized testing for students, merit pay for teachers whose students improve their test scores, firing teachers and closing schools when scores don’t rise adequately, and longitudinal data collection on the performance of every student and teacher. Other foundations—Ford, Hewlett, Annenberg, Milken*, to name just a few—often join in funding one project or another”*

So DOT CONNECTED… we now have a common interest between Milken and Gates.

(The common Interest between Gates and Kenny… is ALOT more substantial)





Damming Article about Milken and FOR PROFIT Cyber schools from 2013:

(Early Days, before they worked out the kinks)

Article in Bloomberg (Which I refuse to pay for) stating:

The children attend Agora Cyber Charter School, managed by K12 (LRN), the largest U.S. operator of taxpayer-funded online schools and part-owned by billionaire Michael Milken.

And goes to say:

If it were a school district, it would be one of the largest in America. K12 expects to generate $500 million in revenue this year—it earned a $21.5 million profit last year—and its stock has doubled in value since the company went public in December 2007. The financial success of K12 has shown that Milken—the 1980s junk-bond king, convicted felon (securities fraud), and health-care philanthropist—has figured out how to profit from public schools.

Hang on 1 second now!

This article is saying that Michael Milken, the 1980’s junk-bond king, convicted felon (securities fraud), and health-care philanthropist… HAS FIGURED OUT A WAY TO PROFIT FROM TAX-FUNDED PUBLIC SCHOOLS?

…fuck me…

Again, I’ll let you make your own determination on this… but this seems to tie back into all the Tin Foil hat articles I’ve been reading today…



So let’s fucking continue shall we?

In 2006… Kenny and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation opened a new charter school in Chicago called Woodlawn High


Charter school Woodlawn High, Chicago

Gates Foundation Invests $10 Million in Charter School for Students with Disabilities:

Fucking Source:

Kenny and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Invest $6 million in Saga Education. (A school that doesn’t say they are a Charter School, but who’s Board is Filled with Charter School Alumni)

Article Source:

Board Source:

(More than those on this list that associated themselves with Charter schools, actually have a background in Charter Schools)

Gates Foundation Invests a further $22 million into New York and California Charter Schools

Fucking Source:

Gates Foundation Invests $5.7 Million into Charter Schools in Los Angeles


Kenny GIFTS $10 million to charter schools in New York



I think you get the Point Apes Right?

This is NOT an exhaustive list. They are ALL at it. THE LIST GOES ON.

And RIGHT NOW… I am only looking at education.

Not AMIND the fucking donations to political parties (On both sides) that support charter schools.

So WHY are they doing it?

Is it to crush the Unions?

Is it to avoid taxes?

Is it Politics related?


Is it a combination of everything?


At this point in my journey down this dark, never-ending cave of Doom and Eternity!!!

I think back to our friend… MIKEY “MILKY” MILKEN

Milky Milken (well the top of his head)

(Image added, because I know you guys love them)

Didn’t that 1 article say he FOUND A WAY TO PROFIT FROM PUBLIC SCHOOLS????


I started digging…

That’s when I came across an article in Forbes on THIS VERY TOPIC…

An article with Credible sources, an actual research paper… and what MAY BE THE TRUTH.

(Up to you to decide)


Of course it fucking is…

The rich know how to get richer. That’s a language they speak.

And it’s even better, when the methods grant you perks, like Tax Haven’s and public perception.


This research on, highlights 4 major concerns.

  1. A substantial share of public expenditure intended for the delivery of direct educational services to children is being extracted inadvertently or intentionally for personal or business financial gain, creating substantial inefficiencies;
  2. Public assets are being unnecessarily transferred to private hands, at public expense, risking the future provision of “public” education;
  3. Charter school operators are growing highly endogenous, self-serving private entities built on funds derived from lucrative management fees and rent extraction which further compromise the future provision of “public” education; and
  4. Current disclosure requirements make it unlikely that any related legal violations, ethical concerns, or merely bad policies and practices are not realized until clever investigative reporting, whistleblowers or litigation brings them to light. 


— I haven’t gone through it all, as it’s 56 pages long and I have other fish to fry, but it seems legit. IMO.

The Forbes article is a great read and I recommend everyone do so:

The sources on here are great rabbit holes too.

The main methods listed here to profit from these schools are Real Estate and Management Companies.

Furthering this is an article in the WALL STREET JOURNAL about Real Estate Businesses investing HEAVILY in Charter schools.

If there were no financial benefits… how would this make sense?



Here’s another article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette talking about how Charter Schools are pulling money from the Public School System and being paid to Charter School Landlords


Apes there’s tons of this…

SEAS of information about the top 1% pumping money into Charters

This is just the TIP OF THE ICE-BERG

But back to the main focus of this post.

This is further evidence of the Billionaires Boys Club

What you believe in turns of the reason for this, is completely up to you…

But it is Public Information about how much focus these schools are getting from people at that top and they are all connected in some shape or form…


If they all collaborate on Philantrapy this much when it’s theoretically legal… how close are they communicating about things they are NOT ALLOWED TO?


Again… this post is just about me researching the reasons behind certain questions and documenting the public information available to me on these topics.

No claims are made against anyone referred to in this article and anyone passing judgment on this is doing so of their own opinion.



It’s not over…

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EDIT 1: Hmmm….

Bankers and globalists together
Bankers and globalists at the Milken Institute

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This post entitled ‘billionaire boys club part 4’ is an unedited reproduction of some DD posted by u/BadassTrader on Reddit. does not endorse nor guarantee the accuracy of the information presented within. This article is for entertainment purposes only, and is being backed up to the HIVE blockchain to preserve it. Please read our legal disclaimer.

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