Better Markets CEO Dennis Kelleher Lays Out What’s at Stake in Citadel vs SEC case

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In this video, the Better Markets CEO Dennis Kelleher talks about the Citadel vs SEC case which begins today (October 25 2021).

You can also watch an Ape-fied Citadel vs SEC livestream, which includes Dave Lauer, Review Dork, Lawyer of the Apes and others. Livestream beings 0900EST Monday 25 October 2021.

About Better Markets CEO Dennis Kelleher

Dennis Kelleher is Co-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Better Markets. Mr. Kelleher co-founded Better Markets, along with Chair Mike Masters, after many years of experience in the public, private, political, charitable and non-profit sectors.

At Better Markets, Mr. Kelleher’s leadership requires operating in the legislative, executive and judicial branches simultaneously while developing and driving communications strategies to support those policy efforts. He has been quoted more than 3,000 times, done more than 140 live TV appearances, participated in more than 225 rulemakings and 25 legal cases, and testified more than 10 times.

Kelleher was named as one of “Washington’s most influential people” in banking and finance by Washingtonian Magazine in March 2021, with the magazine calling him one of the “experts and advocates outside of government who’ll be shaping the policy debates for years to come.”

Mr. Kelleher is an internationally sought expert on financial reform, financial markets, economics, regulation, legal issues, and their intersection with political matters. In addition to testifying in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, he speaks frequently in the U.S. and Europe on these matters at conferences, seminars and symposiums as well as on all media platforms.

Source: Better Markets website (link here).

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